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Consistent with the District's overall philosophy and purpose, the primary goal of the high school athletic program is to provide a competitive arena where student-athletes can display their talents, enhance their physical wellness and skills, and gain a greater technical and tactical understanding and appreciation of their chosen sport while working as a team towards common goals. Within the athletic program, it is expected that all participants display a competitive spirit, outstanding sportsmanship, and exemplary character throughout the year, on and off the field of play. The athletic program should be a positive component of the student-athlete's educational experience.

Participation in the athletic program is considered a privilege extended by the high school, through the Board of School Directors, to students who choose to participate. Participation in this program requires a commitment by the student-athlete of his/her time, energy and loyalty, as well as an acceptance of coaches' decisions, training techniques, and expectations. Student-athletes should willingly assume all responsibilities and obligations that are inherent and unique to the program. Student-athletes must understand and appreciate that they not only represent themselves during competition, but also their teammates, their school, the Lower Merion community, and a proud tradition of athletics at Harriton High School.

Facility Closures

  • Harriton tennis courts are closed for public use during school usage 
  • Harriton track and stadium field are closed for public use Monday through Friday, 7:30am - 2:40pm and during athletic events. 

Contact Information

Contact Number/Email
Athletic Office Email:
Athletic Office Phone: 610-658-3976
Athletic Office Fax: 610-520-3919
HHS Sports Hotline: 610-658-3900
Athletic Director: Shawn Albert

Asst. to Athletic Director: Jen Mossor

Asst. to Athletic Director: Joe DiPaul
Office Secretary: Jen Mossor
Athletic Trainer:   Holly Speaker-Cadugan


 Athletic Trainer: Jess Kempa


Harriton Girl's Tennis Team

Shawn Albert
HHS Athletic Director
Phone: 610-658-3976

Mr. Scott Weinstein , Principal
HHS Title IX Coordinator
Phone: 610-658-3950

Ms. Megan Shafer, Assistant to the Superintendent for District Administration
District Title IX Coordinator
Phone: (610) 645-1955

Title IX Reports