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Harriton High School


POWER Scholars

(Partnering for Opportunity, Wisdom, Esteem & Responsibility)


In recognition of and pursuant to the highest aspirations of African Americans social, cultural heritage, and awareness, the program was named from a quote by Mary McLeod Bethune, who started the first school for African Americans after the Civil War.


POWER provides a forum that is safe and healthy for African American students to voice their ideas, differences, goals, along with celebrating their cultural heritage. In POWER, students have the opportunity to dialogue about the importance of receiving a rigorous and well-rounded education through high-level and rigorous course work. In POWER, students gain an awareness of the support services available to them that will help prepare them for college, a career, and civic participation beyond high school.

Goals and Objectives

Students will:

  • Build relationships that create group cohesiveness and supports academic & social success.
  • Develop the skills necessary to reach their goals as they pursue their interests and talents.
  • Interact within a space where students can discuss, problem-solve, and understand the complexities and dynamics of culture, race, society, and education.
  • Recognize, celebrate, emulate, and exemplify the many positive attributes of African- Americans.
  • Demonstrate preparation and competency for post-secondary and career opportunities.

The POWER ProgramMr. Nyanthen Bantoe
POWER Program Coordinator
Phone: (610) 658-3950
Harriton High School
600 North Ithan Avenue
Rosemont, PA 19010