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Planning Guide

A student's high school experience is filled with challenges and transitions. These are necessary and basic to growth and preparation for the future. Harriton High School seeks to serve as the student's bridge to the future. Each student must plan and work to take advantage of the excellent opportunities for an education that are available here.

This Program Planning Guide provides a great deal of information that should be used by each student to develop or revise an academic plan. Please, read it carefully. Students and parents/guardians should discuss the student's strengths and aspirations as well as areas that require extra effort and work. Ideas and questions can be discussed with counselors and current teachers. Plan for more than one year. Look to your future interests. Do not close options too soon. Make a plan that considers past performance and achievements. Always be prepared with alternatives because in a high school, just as in a college or trade school, enrollment patterns might not allow a course to be offered in a given year or semester. Furthermore, there might not be a section of a course that fits an individual schedule due to other priorities.

We wish each student success as he or she makes the most of the opportunities available at Harriton High School. Careful planning will provide a map to the future.

-Mr. Scott Weinstein, Principal

Harriton High School provides equal educational opportunities for all children regardless of handicap, race, color, age, creed, religion, sex, ancestry, or national origin.