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Spring Update to "Zenith" Celebrates Creative Voices at Harriton
Spring Update to "Zenith" Celebrates Creative Voices at Harriton

Several years ago, the Harriton High School Art Department launched Zenith - a student-run website, operating with guidance and support from Rams' art teachers and mentors Kate Witman and Honora Jackson, that highlights and celebrates the many diverse aspects of all things artistic at Harriton and beyond.

The creative minds at Zenith recently released a special Spring 2021 update featuring a ton of great new content. The newly refurbished site shines a spotlight on Harriton's many talented student-artists and features numerous galleries of artwork across a variety of mediums, along with assorted collections of writing, including poetry, op-eds, articles on lifestyle and entertainment, reviews and more. Zenith also features student-created videos, digital exhibits of student photography, and even provides viewers with a glimpse inside the minds of the artists with pictures and images from the very pages of students' sketchbooks.

According to the website, the purpose of Zenith is "to represent the creative voice of Harriton students. It gives students the opportunity to showcase their artistic potential. We seek to highlight not just the visual arts at Harriton, but all creative endeavors. Zenith is a safe place, where your perspective is not only accepted, but encouraged. Our website is an all-inclusive platform, which we believe will be the key to our future success. Let's create, express, and inspire, together!"

To visit the Zenith website and explore all of the creativity Harriton has to offer, click here.

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