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Committee for Special Education (CSE) to host 'Advocacy 101'
Committee for Special Education (CSE) to host 'Advocacy 101'

The Committee for Special Education will kick off this year's monthly Education Series with a special two-part Advocacy 101 program that will help families feel more empowered to start the year.

Part 1: "Navigating Your Child's IEP"

Wed., Sept 14 at 7:30 pm | Zoom Link

How many times have you opened your student's IEP and wondered:

  • What each section of the IEP means and why it's important
  • What your options are and what questions you should ask
  • What it means if you don't agree

To answer these questions and more, CSE welcomes three experienced education advocates: Nicole Mendez of Mendez Advocacy; Kendra Waninger and Melanie Young of Rafaelle & Associates. Please have your student's IEP and NOREP handy to follow along; we will keep questions broad and general for the benefit of all attendees.

Part 2: "Understanding the Evaluations Process"

Tues., Oct 11 at 7:30 pm | Zoom Link

Whether your student has been evaluated in the past or will be tested for the first time, parents often wonder what to expect out of the process; what the different tests measure; what the results mean, and more. Lauren Krivitzky, a pediatric neuropsychologist at CHOP, will answer these and other common questions she gets as part of her work in private practice and in coordination with school districts.

For background on our speakers, please see the event flyer. Both meetings will be recorded and posted to our website, For questions, please email