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Harriton students create treats for bus drivers
Harriton students create treats for bus drivers

Harriton High School's HSA, teachers and students worked together to create sweet treats for their hard-working bus drivers, just in time for the holidays.

The HSA approached Ms. Binkley, who teaches Family and Consumer Science, and asked if she would be willing to have her students prepare something for the bus drivers, as a way of thanking them for driving Harriton's students safely each day.

Ms. Binkley quickly answered yes and then reached out to teachers and students beyond her own classroom. Students from Mr. Lehman's Technology and Engineering classes created molds for personalized chocolate bars and students from Mr. Murray's art classes designed cards to go with the chocolate bars made by Ms. Binkley's students.

On December 19, 2018, students distributed their chocolate creations to 27 bus drivers to thank them for their dedication. For their part, the drivers certainly enjoyed this tasty thank you!