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Harriton, Lower Merion artists' "resilience" on display in UPenn Online Journal
Harriton, Lower Merion artists' "resilience" on display in UPenn Online Journal

The talents of artists from Harriton and Lower Merion high schools were recently featured in Appendx, a digital magazine produced by students at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine.

While the ongoing pandemic has made this year arguably the most challenging in recent memory, it also provided ample opportunity for all of us to practice and employ one of the more admirable human traits - resilience - which is why the editors at Appendx chose that as the motif for their fall publication.

"For this issue, we wanted to reflect on resilience as a theme of the COVID era," explain the Appendx board members in a Letter from the Editor. "Resilience is a complex matter—while it is often understood as a journey of overcoming hardship, its reality demands that we acknowledge and address the systemic problems that necessitated fortitude in the first place. Nevertheless, we believe this concept and the paradoxes that accompany it are worth grappling with."

Harriton and Lower Merion students explored the concept of resiliency through their artwork across a variety of mediums, including drawing, essays, paintings, photography and poetry, and it is easy to see why the Appendx editorial board chose to include their work.

To view the fall issue of Appendx and the work of our students, click here!

Congratulations to all of the featured students!

Lower Merion: Olivia Lee, Justin Robertson, Liam Gurevitch, Claire Lu, Lucy Zheng, Nathan Yu, and Noa Cutler

Harriton: Dario Bencardino, Catherine Wan and Pauline Voelkel

*Pictured: Artwork by Noa Cutler