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Welsh Valley Middle School


Overview of School Board Policy 235 (Student Rights and Responsibilities)

Effective discipline is fundamental to a school community where parents, students and teachers are valued for their contributions and responsibilities to one another. Certainly the most effective discipline is self-discipline; and, a primary goal of Welsh Valley Middle School is to nurture this concept. Discipline should mean setting limits within which a student is free to make choices. These limits change according to the student's ability to exercise self-discipline. Students share with the administration and the faculty the responsibility for creating a positive atmosphere that is conducive to learning. As the Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy states "no student has the right to interfere with the education of others."

Misbehavior includes both minor and major infractions of school rules, conduct that is socially unacceptable, and criminal acts. Because of this broad range, the code is divided into four categories of misconduct. Examples of misbehavior for each category are listed, together with disciplinary options for correcting that kind of behavior. More than one option may be applied to a single incident of behavior. The most appropriate action would be the minimum measure necessary to resolve the disciplinary problem.

Types of misbehavior and the disciplinary options are listed alphabetically. Procedures are listed in the probable order of occurrence.

PRIDE Points

The above guidelines and procedures have been built upon the four pillars of our FORUM program: Character, Respect, Responsibility and Citizenship. We take our responsibility to ensure student safety very seriously and we endeavor to ensure that all students are engaged in school and feel connected to the Welsh Valley community. Accordingly, it is our expectation that all students would be able to participate in all school sponsored events, activities and trips throughout the school year. In order to provide all students with a safe, meaningful experience at these school functions we need to be diligent in monitoring positive student behavior as well as monitor and address behaviors exhibited by students that may negatively impact the experiences of their classmates. In an effort to ensure that we are providing a safe environment for all students, we will utilize a point system to monitor student behaviors. A loss of a pre-determined value or more points in a given academic quarter may result in a loss of eligibility to participate in an activity, event or trip. At the beginning of each marking period the Dragon PRIDE points will reset, essentially establishing a fresh start for each student.

To start each quarter a student receives 15 Dragon PRIDE Points

  • Teacher Lunch Detention (-2 points)
  • School Unexcused Tardy - every 5 (-2 points)
  • Administrative Referral (-2 points)
  • Administrative Lunch Detention (-2 points)
  • After School Detention (-3 points)
  • School Suspension (In-school or out-of-school) (-5 points per day)

Loss of Privilege Point Values for Field Trips / Other Events

  • Quarter 1 and 2: 15 points lost at the time of the event/trip may result in a loss of privilege to participate.
  • Quarter 3: 12 points lost at the time of the event/trip may result in a loss of privilege to participate.
  • >
  • Quarter 4: 9 points lost at the time of the event/trip may result in in a loss of privilege to participate.

Loss of Privilege Point Values for Extracurricular Activities

*A loss of 8 points: may result in loss of privilege to participate in a school club/activity/sport or to attend an event as a spectator.