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Welsh Valley Middle School


Consequences Guidelines

Circumstances may exist that could result in the stated discipline procedures being less than outlined below, or extended. This may include, but is not limited to, the involvement of local or state authorities and an expulsion hearing before the Lower Merion Board of School Directors. This guideline chart has been developed to aid in the understanding of Policy 235.

Infraction (Examples) Minimum Maximum
Bullying (District Policy 249) Warning Suspension
Bus Infraction Warning Loss of transportation privileges
Cheating Detention Suspension
Cutting Class(10 minutes or greater) Detention Suspension
Detention (Failure to report) Additional Detention Suspension
Disrespect Warning Suspension
Fighting Suspension Board Expulsion
Harassing-Intimidating other students Detention-Essay Suspension
Hate Speech Warning Suspension
Forgery Detention-Essay Suspension
Harassment-Threatening-Intimidating an adult Suspension Board Expulsion
Horseplay Warning Suspension
Inappropriate conduct Warning Suspension
Inappropriate conduct after school Restriction from after school activities Suspension of all after school privileges
Inciting/Instigating others Detention Suspension
Insubordination Warning Suspension
Plagiarism Detention Suspension
Possession/use of cell phones, iPods, mp3 players, or other electronic devices Warning-Confiscation Detention-Confiscation
Possession, Use and/or Distribution of Controlled Substances, Alcohol, Tobacco or Inhalants Suspension Board Expulsion
Presence in unauthorized areas of school grounds Warning Suspension
Threat – verbal, written and/or gestures Suspension Board Expulsion
Theft Restitution & Suspension Extension of Suspension
Vandalism Restitution & Suspension Extension of Suspension
Violation of Sexual Harassment Policy (District Policy 246) Suspension Extension of Suspension
Violation of Student Dress Code Warning Detention
Violation of LMSD Net:  Student Uses, Rights, and Responsibilities (District Policy 134) Detention-Essay Suspension & Loss of LMSD Net privileges
Weapons (includes water guns, look-a-like guns, ammunition, knives, and items used as weapons) Suspension Board Expulsion

There are two types of detentions assigned as consequence if necessary: Lunch Detention and After School Detention. Students may receive a teacher or administrative lunch detention based on the infraction to be served during the school day. After school detentions are served from 3:15 – 4:25 PM and are supervised by a teacher. Students may ride the 4:30 buses home after detention. During detention, students are expected to answer a series of reflective/restorative questions with the aim of having students avoid repeating their infraction/behavior in the future. Parents will be notified of all after school detentions. Students are expected to attend detentions when they are assigned. Students who fail to attend detentions may be assigned two detentions for each missed detention, per offense. Continued failure to attend detention may result in suspension and/or restriction from extra-curricular activities.