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Welsh Valley Middle School



  • The Cafeteria is the place to display your very best manners and quiet, self-disciplined behavior. It is where everyone will eat lunch, whether you purchase it or bring your lunch from home.
  • Books should be placed in your locker before you enter the cafeteria. Keep your conversation at a reasonable level. Students are expected to talk quietly so that their conversation does not interfere with the conversation of others. Students are not permitted to save or reserve seats at cafeteria tables.
  • After eating your lunch, please remain seated, except to return your tray to the wash area. Weather permitting, students may be able to gather outside on the patio. Anyone wishing to leave the cafeteria during the lunch period must first obtain permission and have a pass from the teacher he/she is to visit.

Additional Student Guidelines for Cafeteria Behavior

  1. Everyone at your table is responsible for keeping it clean and removing all trash, food and trays.
  2. You are expected to sit in your seat and clean up at that seat. Do NOT move to another table leaving your trash behind for others to clean up.
  3. Push brooms, dust pans and mops are available that should be used by anyone who spills food that cannot be easily cleaned by hand. We expect everyone to cooperate in this clean-up if it is necessary.
  4. No one is to harass anyone else for lunch money. The cafeteria has a lunch loan program; listen for details in your LEARN class.
  5. If it is a pleasant day, and you want to go outside, this is the procedure that we expect everyone to follow: a) clean up your area and entire table. If anyone at your table is irresponsible about trash, it is everyone else's job to enlighten him or her about cleaning up. No one at any table will be excused outside if the table is obviously messy; b) Raise your hand and wait for one of the cafeteria/recess aides to excuse you; c) Walk, do not run, to go outside, and remember to walk when you come back into the building.
  6. When you return trays, please also return the plastic utensils; they are NOT disposable in this cafeteria. Try to use ALL TRASH CANS, not just the one closest to you. If you see that one is full, use the next one; it is common sense and common courtesy to our custodial staff. Also, pour liquids into the trash can with a special strainer top, not into the other cans. Again, this shows both consideration and good thinking.
  7. When it is close to time for dismissal and you are still in the cafeteria, someone will ask that you return to your seat after having cleaned up; a cafeteria monitor will inspect your table area, and you will be dismissed BY TABLE, not individually. Therefore, it is important, again, that your group of friends and lunch mates keep your area clean.
  8. Anyone who cannot live up to these expectations will have to sit at a time-out table near the serving area and may be assigned an additional consequence as well. Lunch time is a time to relax; let’s keep it that way!
  9. From time to time, there may be visitors from the community or your parents having lunch here with you in the cafeteria. Remember that each one of you represents Welsh Valley Middle School to those people!