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Welsh Valley Middle School


Policy 249 - Prohibition Against Bullying

The Board strives to provide a safe, positive learning climate for students in the schools. Therefore, it shall be the policy of the district to maintain an educational environment in which bullying in any form is not tolerated.

All forms of bullying by school district students are hereby prohibited. Anyone who engages in bullying in violation of this Policy shall be subject to appropriate discipline.

Definition: the term "bullying" shall mean systematic harassment, attacks or intentional electronic, written, verbal or physical acts, perpetrated by a student or group of students, on another student or students, which meets all of the following criteria:

  1. occur during the school day, on school property, on a school bus, or at a school-sponsored activity or event
  2. are severe, persistent or pervasive; and
  3. include any written, verbal, or physical act including but not limited to:
    • Written intimidating/threatening, and/or demeaning letters, notes, messages, emails and/or any other electronic means
    • Verbally intimidating/threatening comments, slurs, innuendos, or taunting
    • Visual gestures
    • Physical hitting, slapping, kicking and punching, etc.
    • Making reprisals, threats of reprisal, or implied threats of reprisal, social isolation or manipulation of a student
    • Engaging in implicit or explicit coercive behavior to control, influence, or affect the health and well-being of a student
    • Any other behavior or acts which has the effect of substantially interfering with a student's education, creates an intimidating or threatening educational environment, or substantially disrupts the orderly operation of the school

Procedure for Handling Complaints

Complaints of bullying shall be investigated promptly, and corrective action shall be taken when a complaint is verified. Neither reprisals nor retaliation shall occur as a result of the submission of a complaint.

The School District shall annually inform students that bullying of students will not be tolerated.

All incidents of bullying should be promptly reported to an administrator or guidance counselor.

Disciplinary Consequences

Disciplinary consequences will be based on the seriousness and repetitiveness of the behavior and may include the following:

  1. Parent conference;
  2. Loss of privileges, including limitations on participation in extracurricular activities;
  3. External suspension;
  4. Risk assessment; and
  5. Police contact.

All bullying has 3 things in common

  1. Bullying is intentional and aggressive: No one bullies another person by accident. It's a conscious choice to disrespect someone else.
  2. Bullying is repeated: Bullying isn't a one-time event; it's something that happens over and over again.
  3. Bullying involves a difference in power: Maybe the bully is older, bigger, stronger, or more popular than the person he/she is bullying. Or it might be a whole group ganging up on one person.