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Communication Pathways

Unsure when to call your child's counselor? This chart lists a variety of situations that can arise during the year, and the first point of contact at school. In some cases, it is useful to inform other staff members.

Situation Counselor Teacher School Office Asst Principal School Nurse
out sick a day   optional X    
out sick for several days X X X   optional
missing school for vacation (*need to fill out form for approval from principal) X X X    
injury, on crutches, arm casted, wheelchair optional   X   X
concern about class scheduling X        
concern about course work/demand of course optional X      
concern or conflict with teacher optional X      
concern about disciplinary issue in class   X      
concern about transition to middle/high school X        
social concerns/unhappy at school X        
school-related incidents of bullying X     X  
bus incident/fight/theft       X  
change in behavior at home X        
concerns about substance abuse X        
mental health concerns X        
death or loss in family (including pets) X optional      
change in the family (marriage, divorce, job loss) X        
other family situation/confidential information X