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Welsh Valley Middle School



PIAA - Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, Inc.

After School Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in after school activities. After school activities may include; athletics, clubs, intramurals, and other faculty and staff sponsored events. Participation in all programs, either as a participant or a spectator, is a privilege and with it comes the responsibility of maintaining acceptable behavior that reflects the ideals of the Welsh Valley community. Students who stay after school must be under direct supervision of a teacher/activity sponsor and in the appropriate location on campus for that given event.

Students who are NOT involved in a scheduled after school activity/event are expected to leave the campus immediately at the regular dismissal time of 3:05 p.m. Students who are involved in a school activity after the regular school day should establish a plan for communicating this with their parent/guardian. All students remaining to be a spectator at an athletic contest must take the 4:30 pm late bus. Athletes remaining on campus until 5:30 pm will be directed to take the 5:30 pm late bus if their privately scheduled transportation has not arrived by this assigned time.

  • It is recommended that if a student has arranged to be picked up by a parent or guardian at 4:30 or 5:30 that they ask them to be 5-10 minutes early. Students will be directed by Welsh Valley staff to take the appropriate district late bus home at 4:30 or 5:30 if their pre-arranged ride is not in the front office circle. All arranged transportation must be present before the buses depart or the student will be expected to board the appropriate late bus.

PIAA Physical Procedures

All PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (CIPPE) forms are available on our athletics website ( and in our school office. These must be submitted to the main office prior to participating and attending an athletic team practice/contest.

  1. Initial Interscholastic Sport Participation (usually in the fall):
    • All student athletes are required to have the PIAA Physical completed prior to participating in practice/game. ALL fields of sections 1-6 must be completed with appropriate signatures and dates in designated areas in order to begin participation.
      • Physicals must be completed by a doctor after June 1st for the following school year.
      • Sections 1 through 5 (Physician must complete section 6 of the physical).
  2. Subsequent Interscholastic Sport Participation:
    • Section 7 of the PIAA Physical form is required for all returning athletes.
    • If an injury occurred during the course of the previous athletic season and the athlete did NOT return to competition or the medical history of an athlete has changed since their initial physical, then SECTIONS 7 & 8 are required.
      Welsh Valley Middle School 2019-2020 Student Handbook Page 27
    • Section 8 includes a physician’s clearance for return to play.
  3. Wrestlers:
    • Section 8 wrestlers will have this section completed by our districts athletic training staff. It includes and certifies that the athlete's BMI (Body Mass Index) is within a norm and a water test that determines an athlete’s hydration level prior to the start of the season.


Academic eligibility is achieved by maintaining good standing (64.5% average or higher) in scheduled classes during the course of the current athletic season. A student’s academic eligibility will begin one full week into the given athletic season. A preliminary list will be run on Wednesday for the purpose of notifying the student-athlete. A student’s academic progress is evaluated each week. The final list will be generated on Friday and any student who is deemed ineligible will be so from Saturday of that week until Saturday of the following week. Students will have an opportunity during the course of the week to improve their academic standing and become academically eligible for the subsequent week. Students not meeting district eligibility standards repeatedly during the course of a season may be dismissed from the team in order to focus on making academic progress.

The following criteria are used to determine ineligibility:

  • One failing grade in a core course or any course that meets 4/4 days in a cycle (math, science, English, social studies, or world language)
  • A failing grade in two or more personal development courses.
  • If an athlete fails the quarter, under PIAA regulations, she/he is ineligible for the first 15 school days of the next quarter.

Expectations of a Student-Athlete Ineligible for Participation:

  • Initiate a conversation with the classroom teacher.
  • Initiate a conversation with the coach.
    • Work out a schedule to attend practice and improve academic standing
  • Utilize LEARN time during period 9.
  • Attend HAM (Homework and Makeup) Club Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (3:05-4:30)

Start of Athletic Season

Prior to the start of each of the three (3) interscholastic athletic seasons there will be informational meetings held by each of the athletic teams’ coaches. Students are expected to attend/participate in these pre-season meetings to learn about each sports guidelines and expectations for that given sport/season. In order to be considered a member of a given athletic team a student must attend practice/tryouts on a regular basis within the first two (2) weeks of the start of that interscholastic season as defined by the PIAA and Welsh Valley Middle School. Only 7th and 8th grade students are eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics. Sixth graders are welcome to participate in intramural sports offered during the course of the school year.

START DATE: 9/13/21 START DATE: 11/29/21
**Basketball Tryouts begin 11/15/21
START DATE: 3/7/22
END DATE: 11/12/21 END DATE: 2/16/22 END DATE: 5/20/22
Physicals Due: 9/13/21 Physicals Due: 11/15/21 Physicals Due: 3/1/22


School Day Attendance

In order to participate in a scheduled interscholastic athletic contest on a given school day (afternoon or evening), the student must be signed into school prior to 11:30 am. The PIAA and Welsh Valley requires that students be present for at least ½ of their regularly scheduled school day in order to participate in a scheduled contest or activity.

Transportation - AWAY Athletic Contests

  • All student athletes are expected to travel both to and from away athletic contests on the assigned school bus with their team. We encourage parents/guardians to make prior arrangements and schedule accordingly to help facilitate this.
  • If circumstances arise where a student athlete must leave the away contest early and/or be picked up by a parent/guardian at the finish of the away contest; a face-to-face encounter should take place between the parent/guardian and the designated team coach before the student athlete will be released.
  • If someone other than the parent/guardian will be picking up a student athlete from an away contest a written permission note, signed by the parent/guardian, must be received by the designated coach. Please provide it to the coach prior to the scheduled contest. These forms are available on our athletics website or through the coach.

Transportation - HOME Athletic Contests & Practice

  • All student athletes are expected to depart campus following a home contest or practice by 5:30 pm.
  • If a student athlete is NOT utilizing the district 5:30 pm late bus, their arranged transportation home must be on campus prior to 5:30 pm. If the arranged transportation is not present at 5:30 pm the assigned athletic coach is to direct the student athlete to take the appropriate district late bus home.
    • For more information regarding late bus runs, please review the Transportation section under Late Runs in the next section (pages 30-31).

These policies are in place to provide a clear and uniform expectation for each student athlete. Our first priority is the safety of the student athletes; this includes being accountable for each member of our athletic teams during away contests and while on the Welsh Valley campus. Secondly, traveling on the team bus both to and from away athletic contests can foster an important aspect of interscholastic athletics; the relationships and bonds created both on the athletic field and subsequent bus rides during the course of a season with one’s peers and coaching staff.