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Bala Cynwyd Middle School


Transportation Policy (District)

Bus transportation is provided for most students to and from school.  In order for our students to participate in our extracurricular activities, a 4:30 PM bus and a 5:30 PM bus are also available. Students are encouraged to ride on the bus. The late bus routes are shorter and students must check the route schedule posted in the center hallway and main office for the closest bus stop. They may, however, walk, ride their bicycles or be brought or picked up in a car by a parent or guardian.

Students are not permitted to remain after school unless they are involved in supervised activities. Students who opt to leave school grounds to visit friends, etc., are not permitted to return to the school and will not be permitted to ride the late bus.

Because safety is a major concern of the school, all must cooperate to build proper bus riding habits. Some sound rules for developing and promoting safety habits are listed below. Bus riding regulations are no more than good practice in safety.

Students involved in a home or away sport game may return to school after the 5:30 p.m. bus has left school. Students must be prepared to have a parent or guardian pick them up at school in the event the sport team returns late from a home or away game.

To the Student

  1. It is suggested that you be at the bus stop five minutes before the scheduled departure, as the driver must maintain a schedule and cannot wait for you. If there is inclement weather, you may return home if the bus has not arrived within fifteen minutes after its scheduled departure. If the temperature is above freezing and there is no precipitation, you should wait 45 minutes.
  2. Get on and off your assigned bus at your designated bus stop. Any other arrangement requires a written request signed by the Principal in advance (bus pass).
  3. When your bus approaches, wait until it comes to a complete stop. Then, form a single line, and board courteously, one pupil at a time.
  4. Once inside the bus, take your seat as soon as possible, stay seated and make yourself comfortable. The driver will give you permission to open and close your window as he/she deems necessary. When windows are open for ventilation, do not hang your hands or head out of the windows. Trash must not be thrown out of windows.
  5. The bus driver is in charge of the bus and may assign seats to students.
  6. Students and/or parents wishing their children to get off at a stop other than their assigned one, and/or wishing to ride a bus other than their assigned bus, must receive permission, in writing, from the principal at least one day in advance. This should be done for emergency reasons only. Parents/Guardians must send a note in with the student detailing who they are to ride home with and on what date. We cannot accept phone calls for this purpose; all requests must be received in writing.

No pass shall be issued for spending the evening, dances, games, homework assignments, etc.

The Transportation Department can be reached at (610) 645-1940.