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Bala Cynwyd Middle School



Each student will have the opportunity to request a hall and gym locker. These are to be kept neat and orderly. Lockers are the property of the Lower Merion School District and may be opened and/or searched by authorized school official provided that the official has a reasonable basis to believe that articles are kept therein in violation of law or of school regulations and provided that the student user of the locker is present during the search, except in emergency situations, or after a reasonable attempt has been made to notify the student to be present or notice has been given and the student is not present.

*Due to the Current COVID-19 mitigation measures and high enrollment Bala Cynwyd is operating without the use of lockers. Locker usage will be reassessed as the health and safety plan is updated.

Locker Policy

  1. Students may go to their lockers during the day, but are responsible to be on time for class.
  2. Teachers may sign a student’s pass during class, if absolutely necessary, for a student to go to his or her locker.
  3. No stickers or taped items or permanent writing are permitted on or in lockers
  4. Students may decorate a friend's locker for a special occasion such as a birthday, but all decorations must be tasteful and will be taken down after school hours that day.