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Bala Cynwyd Middle School


Library Information Center


Kelly McDermott


Diana Gagliardi

Library Aide

Hours and Availability

The library information center is open from 7:30 AM (Mon - Fri) until 4:25 PM on Homework Club days (Mon. - Thurs). 

Students are welcome and encouraged to use the library:

  • Before school (7:30 - 8:10 am)
  • Anytime during the school day with a signed pass from their teacher
  • During lunch recess with a lunch pass from the librarian or library assistant (students are expected to eat before reporting to the library)
  • During LEARN with a signed note from the Librarian or Library Assistant (teacher passes are not accepted for LEARN)
  • After school as part of Homework Club


Teacher Passes

Each student must have a pass signed by their teacher in order to use the library during school hours (passes are not needed from 7:30-8:10 AM or from 3:10-4:25 PM). Students are expected to go directly to the library without making any stops and to return directly to the classroom once they are done.

Lunch Passes

Students must obtain a pass from the Librarian or Library Assistant in order to use the library during lunch. Students are expected to eat before showing their pass to the Cafeteria Aide to be permitted to go to the library.

LEARN Passes

Students must obtain a pass from the Librarian or Library Assistant during LEARN. Only passes obtained from the library will be accepted.  Passes are on a first come-first serve basis.


  1. Students may have up to THREE books out at any time.
  2. Books circulate for THREE WEEKS and may be renewed.
  3. Current magazines are not permitted to leave the library; back issues may be signed out. 
  4. Students are required to pay the replacement cost for lost or damaged books before the end of the school year.
  5. Overdue notices are distributed by teacher during LEARN or 1st period.       

Library Computer Usage

  1.  Sign up at the Circulation Desk to receive a computer.
  2. You must sit at the computer station that matches the number on the computer.
  3. You must charge the computer while in use.
  4. Only one person per workstation is permitted.
  5. Computers are for school assignments, no games please.
  6. Print only schoolwork (only black & white printing is available in the library).
  7. Work quickly and quietly.
  8. Ask if you need help.
  9. Be sure to Shut Down the computer completely.
  10. Return computer to the librarian.