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Bala Cynwyd Middle School


Exclusion from School Activities

Bala Cynwyd Middle School attempts to help our students develop the necessary skills and attitudes which will help them become successful, productive members of society. In addition to developing our students’ minds, we are responsible for working with our parents and community to help students develop a sense of individual discipline and responsibility.

Working with our student government, we have developed discipline guidelines regarding suspension of school privileges. This discipline policy has been reviewed and endorsed by the Student Government, faculty, administration, Home and School Executive Board, The Caring Parents Organization, and The Human Resource Committee, as well as many interested parents. These guidelines concern possible exclusion from school activities and are in addition to the regular disciplinary consequences for misbehavior.

The school year offers many opportunities for students to engage in field trips, field days, dances, sports and activities. Students’ ability to self-monitor their behavior, treat others with respect and accept responsibility for their actions is important every day. However, during special activities these become critical issues. Any student who is suspended from school for any reason will be automatically placed on restrictions until he or she has demonstrated that he or she is able to self-monitor behavior. The cost of the trip will not be reimbursed. 

In an effort to set clear guidelines for students, parents and teachers, we present the following examples for excluding students from activities (this is not meant to be an all-inclusive list):

  1. Any student engaged in a fight and who is determined to have instigated the fight.
  2. Any student found in possession of a weapon - knives (toy or real), firearms, brass knuckles, fireworks, etc.
  3. Any student found in possession of any illegal substance (tobacco products, drugs, alcohol).
  4. Any student found to be drinking, smoking/vaping or under the influence of an illegal substance.
  5. Any student found guilty of vandalism.
  6. Any student found guilty of stealing or breaking into lockers.
  7. Any student endangering the safety and well-being of students/staff in building-“playing” with matches, lighters, etc.
  8. Any student being disrespectful to a teacher or school personnel.
  9. Any student who is a chronic discipline offender.
  10. 10. Any student repeatedly late to school/class.

The following infractions may also result in exclusion from school activities:

  1. Any student found cutting classes.
  2. Any student consistently late to class, late to school, or is absent from school without proper excuse.
  3. Any student reported by the bus driver for misconduct on the bus.
  4. Any student suspended from school.
  5. Any student who repeatedly demonstrates irresponsible, noncompliant, or inappropriate behavior.

A review of individual student behavior will be conducted no more than 30 days after a student has been placed on restrictions. If significant improvement has been made in behavior, restrictions may be rescinded at the discretion of the administration.

After consultation with the appropriate teachers, final determination for exclusion of any given student from an activity rests with the administration.