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Bala Cynwyd Middle School


Personal Conduct and Appearance

All students are expected to conduct themselves properly at all times.  When in school, students are to walk to class and not linger between classes. Students may be told to remove gum during classes based on teacher classroom rules and expectations. It is strongly encouraged that items such as cell phones and other personal electronic devices which are not necessary for instructional purposes should be left at home or locked in a locker upon arrival- a student will never be required to have a cell phone for a class assignment. BC is not responsible for the damage, loss, theft or destruction of these articles.

According to the Lower Merion School District policy regarding student rights and responsibilities (policy no. 235, rev. 6/11/12), it is the student’s responsibility to “Dress and groom themselves in accordance with community norms of decency so as to meet fair standards of safety and health, so as not to damage property, and so as not to cause substantial disruption to the education process.”

It is with these standards in mind that the following dress code is set forth for students to consider when selecting attire to wear to school.

  1. Students should dress in a manner that shows respect for themselves and for those around them. We welcome a wide variety of individual tastes, styles and forms of self-expression, but we will not tolerate inappropriate or disrespectful clothing or attire.
  2. There should be no spaghetti straps, bra straps, or visible underwear on girls or boys.
  3. There should be no see-through shirts, tube tops, halter tops, muscle shirts or bare midriff. Shirts must touch the top of the waist band when a student is sitting down and raising both hands above their head.
  4. There should be no short shorts or mini-skirts, rolling down of shorts, or pockets that fall below the hem line. Pants should be worn at the waist or close to the waist.
  5. Clothing, including hats and jewelry, may not display inappropriate words or promote vulgarity. Clothing or accessories with logos or words that either celebrate or advertise alcohol, sex, drugs, racism, or prejudice of any kind are not permitted.

Students who violate the dress code may be asked to replace or remove any article of clothing or accessory that is either dangerous or disruptive to the learning environment.