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Bala Cynwyd Middle School


PIAA Team Sports

Fall Sports

  • Unlimited Football - 8th/7th Grade
  • 115 lb. Football - 8th/7th Grade
  • Field Hockey - 8th Grade
  • Field Hockey - 7th Grade
  • Volleyball - 8th/7th Grade
  • Girls Tennis - 8th Grade
  • Girls Tennis - 7th Grade
  • Boys Soccer - 8th Grade
  • Boys Soccer - 7th Grade
  • Girls Soccer - 8th Grade
  • Girls Soccer - 7th Grade

Winter Sports

  • Boys Basketball - 8th Grade
  • Girls Basketball - 8th Grade
  • Boys Basketball - 7th Grade
  • Girls Basketball - 7th Grade
  • Wrestling - 8th/7th Grade

Spring Sports

  • Baseball - 8th Grade
  • Baseball - 7th Grade
  • Girls Lacrosse - 8th Grade
  • Girls Lacrosse - 7th Grade
  • Boys Tennis - 8th Grade
  • Boys Tennis - 7th Grade
  • Girls Track - 8th/7th Grade
  • Boys Track - 8th/7th Grade
  • Softball - 8th Grade
  • Softball - 7th Grade
  • Boys Lacrosse - 8th/7th Grade

Additional Information

Time Commitment

  • Practices are daily from 3:10 pm to 5:10 pm
  • Games and matches start at 3:15 pm

Transportation Arrangement

  • Late buses pick up students from BCMS at 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm. (Buses are provided by LMSD)

Student Responsibility

  • Students are expected to attend all practices and games unless prior arrangements are made with the coach.
  • Students are expected to sign and adhere to school and team rules

Parent Responsibilities

  • Parents are expected to pick up all students if they miss the 5:30 pm bus. This often occurs after all away games.
  • Parents are expected to sign any mandatory forms such as permission forms, insurance forms, emergency and BCMS rules form.

Possible Costs

  • Students are required to pay for any lost or unreturned uniforms and equipment.
  • Unreturned or nonpayment for equipment prohibits a student from participation on a team later in the year.


  • Failure of one subject results in one week of ineligibility (One week = Monday to Friday). Students are encouraged to see teacher for extra help. Students may not participate in games during this week.