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Bala Cynwyd Middle School


Rules of Eligibility for Athletic Activities

All athletic activities in the Middle School in grades seven and eight are governed by the P.I.A.A.

Eligibility for Extra-Curricular Activities:

To be eligible for participation in extra-curricular activities, a pupil must pursue a curriculum defined and approved by the Principal as a full-time curriculum.  Where required, this curriculum, or its equivalent, must be approved by, and conform to, the regulations of the State Board of Education and the Pennsylvania School Code, as well as any local policies established by the local school board.

Eligibility for Competitive Athletics

Academic eligibility is achieved by maintaining good standing (60% average or higher) in scheduled classes during the course of the current athletic season.  A student’s academic eligibility will begin one full week into the given athletic season. A preliminary list will be run on Wednesday for the purpose of notifying the student-athlete. A student’s academic progress is evaluated each week. The final list will be generated on Friday and any student who is deemed ineligible will be so from Saturday of that week until Saturday of the following week. Students will have an opportunity during the course of the week to improve their academic standing and become academically eligible for the subsequent week. Students not meeting district eligibility standards repeatedly during the course of a season may be dismissed from the team in order to focus on making academic progress.

The following criteria are used to determine ineligibility:

  • One failing grade in a core course or any course that meets 4/4 days in a cycle (math, science, English, Social Studies, or World Language)
  • A failing grade in two or more personal development courses.
  • If an athlete fails the quarter, under PIAA regulations, she/he is ineligible for the first 15 school days of the next quarter.