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Interscholastic Sports

The Interscholastic Sports teams at BC operate under the aegis of the PIAA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association). Hence, no sixth-graders are allowed on interscholastic teams.

Physical examinations and parental/guardian permission are required for participation in interscholastic sports. Only the CIPPE Form will be valid for sports participation. CIPPE (Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation) must be performed on or after June 1st of each year and will be valid until the next May 31st. After completion of the CIPPE, the student’s parent/guardian shall be required to complete and submit Section 7 of the CIPPE Form prior to the student’s subsequent participation in another sports season. The form is available on the athletics website, on the school website, and in the main office. The form is available on the PIAA website, on the school website, and in the main office.

The sports program at Bala Cynwyd is designed to promote an enriching and rewarding athletic experience for all students involved. We will make every effort to include all students who come out for any particular sport. In certain situations, however, there may be a need to have “limited rosters.” This decision would be based on the number of current students interested in a specific sport and the “ideal” number of participants in that sport to provide a safe and enriching athletic experience for each student athlete. Student safety will also play a role in the determination of an “ideal” number for a specific sport. The administration and athletic department will evaluate these situations on a season-by-season, team-by-team basis.

All uniforms and equipment are numbered. Students must return uniforms and equipment with the same number they were issued. No exchanging of uniforms or equipment is permitted. This means students must maintain possession of the correct numbered uniform and equipment in the locker room, at practice and at games at all times. All equipment and uniforms must be returned at the end of the season (Autumn, Winter, Spring). Students must pay for lost equipment and uniforms. Students who have not either returned or paid for equipment and uniforms issued to them may not participate in the next season’s sport.

Note: Cross-country is a fall activity. It is labeled a “club” sport, or intramural. It is open to any 6th, 7th or 8th grade student. All runners are required to fill out a CIPPE form and will be held to eligibility standards. Our cross-country club does run against other schools’ running clubs and parents/guardians should be aware that class time will be missed by participants of cross-country.