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Bala Cynwyd Middle School


The Academic Community

Presentation of our curriculum will reflect a belief that coverage of content will never be at the expense of student understanding. The comprehensive program of study is available in the course offering guide in the office or on the BCMS website.

LEARN Program

All grades are divided into LEARN groups. Each group of students is assigned to one of our faculty members (known as the group’s LEARN teacher). During this period, the teachers will work with their groups to help each student adjust to the Middle School, to assist the students in organizing their time and materials, to discuss social/study skills and related concerns, etc. The LEARN teachers will be another child advocate for the student.

Rally Meetings

Logo of the BCMS Rally Program
  • What is a Rally meeting?
    • Class meetings provide a forum for students and teachers to discuss bullying related issues, to take part in community-building activities, and to engage in conversation related to current issues impacting today’s youth.
  • When do Rally meetings take place?
    • Class meetings are held for 30 minutes. Meetings typically occur monthly.
  • Who helps to facilitate Rally meetings?
    • All teachers, support staff, and administrators are actively involved in class meetings. Every class meeting has two teachers who are responsible for running the meeting and ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for all students.
  • What are the purposes of Rally meetings?
    • To teach students what bullying is, the meaning of the four anti-bullying rules, and different ways of reacting when bullying occurs. It is our goal to empower students to play a positive role in reducing bullying incidents within the school community.
    • To help students learn more about themselves and their feelings and reactions, and those of their peers, and to provide them with opportunities to express their personal opinions in a relatively safe environment.
    • To build a sense of community and belonging for all students.

Positive Postcards “BC Shout Out”

Positive postcards are mailed home by staff members to students that have shown positive behaviors. An example of a positive behavior is when a bystander stands up for a victim of bullying.

Parent Support

Your support is an important component for the success of this program. Working together, we hope to reduce the amount of bullying that is taking place in our community.