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Cultural Proficiency Update for LMSD Families
Cultural Proficiency Update for LMSD Families

Recent false and inflammatory media representations may raise questions for parents or community members. This statement is intended to clarify the District position on Cultural Proficiency and Anti-racism education.

As a District, we fully support developmentally appropriate anti-racism education. LMSD also wholeheartedly appreciates and supports the partnership with police. As the nation was saddened by last spring's events, our teachers and principals responded, as supported by District Policy 119, by working with students to support learning in developmentally appropriate ways, even when topics were controversial. Our Policy 119 is linked here. It is our district mission to work to empower students to be positive actors for change in making our world a better place. Our strategic plan, All Forward, is linked here. The main ideas of the lessons from June are listed below. The lesson objectives and classroom discussions our teachers guided in the spring are fully supported by the District.

Spring discussions were age appropriate and did not involve defunding police or student shaming as some reports suggest. Additionally, parents were notified, could preview the books used to supplement the lesson objectives, and choose to opt out. Any representations that suggest messages of the lessons were anything other than what is listed below are inaccurate and do not appreciate the dedication of our teachers and principals across all of our buildings in having the brave conversations that will help make our world a better, kinder, just, and more accepting place. Please follow the work of our District Ad-Hoc Committee seeking to unify the specific Cultural Proficiency and Anti-Racism work to which we have committed as a District. We look forward to growing and refining this curriculum work and these brave conversations. We thank our principals and teachers for their commitment to this important work.

Anti-Racism Lessons in Response to the Tragic Death of George Floyd

Grade K-1Grade 2-3Grade 4-5
Objectives: Students will be able to understand what racism is and what they can do when they see racism happening. Objectives: Students will be able to define racism and explain how this impacts our communities. Objectives: Students will be able to explain the concepts of racism, justice and privilege. Students will be able to explain how privilege affects people in our country.
Conclusion: Racism is not ok. Let's always spread kindness. When you see racism happening, stand up for your friend and tell an adult. Let's celebrate the many amazing things that we share and the many amazing things that make us different and special!Conclusion: Justice is something that you as an individual and we as a community can practice everyday!

Think - what can we do as 2nd and 3rd graders to show justice with family members, friends and others?

How you treat others and whether or not you treat them fairly will have a big impact on your life, your future and the lives of others.

Conclusion: What can we all do to ensure equal justice for everyone?