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Gladwyne Elementary School


Gladwyne Third Graders Visit Water Works

Third graders from Gladwyne Elementary School learned about the importance of our region's waterways during a visit to the Fairmount Water Works

During their trip, the students learned that the Schuylkill River ecosystem is healthier than it has been in 50 years. Among the many species now living in and dependent on the river are mussels, beavers and river otters.

They also learned that one fresh water mussel can filter 15 gallons of water in one day! 

You can see a few photos of the students' day of exploration by clicking through the slide show below. Thanks to Jeannette Fournier for capturing their excitement. 

Students look into a tank to learn about water
Two students chat on the bus on the way to the Water Works.
A group of students pose for a photo overlooking the river
Students at a long table draw a mural about animals that depend on water
Students sit at desks while a staff member with a big poster explains about the water cycle
The backs of two students' heads as they explore a display at the Water Works.