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Gladwyne Elementary School


Gladwyne Explores Black History Through Youth Activism Lens

For this year’s Black History Month, Gladwyne Elementary School’s theme was Amazing Young Activists Making Change in the World as students had the opportunity to learn about African-American youths who are working to create positive change in their communities and the world-at-large.

As part of their exploration of the lives of these admirable kids and teenagers, posters were created and displayed throughout the building featuring background information and facts about each of the young change-makers. The information from these posters was then used to play a daily Black History Month trivia game where students had the opportunity to test their knowledge against their classmates on what they learned throughout February! The photo above shows a student submitting one of his answers to a Black History Month trivia question!

Each classroom also selected a young activist to research in more depth and showcase their findings through the creation of bulletin boards, interactive Google Slides or a video to share with the other classes. Great job, Gladwyne!

A Gladwyne student submits an answer as part of Black History Month trivia
Amariyanna Copeny: When Mari Copeny was eight years old, she wrote a letter to President Barack Obama about the water crisis
 Asean Johnson: At the age of nine, the Chicago Board of Education was going to close down Asean's elementary school. Asean g
Genesis Butler: Genesis is a fifteen-year-old environmental and animal rights activist. She is one of the youngest people to
Grace Callwood: Grace was seven-years-old when she found out she had cancer. Going through cancer treatments inspired Grace t