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Gladwyne Elementary School


Dr. Yanni visits Gladwyne Third Graders

Superintendent Dr. Steven Yanni continues to tour schools as he gets to know and learn more about LMSD students. He visited Gladwyne Elementary School on Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

In Ms. Unger and Ms. Gilbert's third-grade classes, he took part in a "Me Museum" activity, during which he showed students several items and explained why they were meaningful to him. 

Dr. Yanni's "Me Museum" included a book, because he loves to read; AirPods, because he loves to listen to music; an air tag, because he often loses his keys; Diet Pepsi, which is his favorite drink; and a photo of his beloved dogs, Preston and Stewie.

The students found that they had many things in common with Dr. Yanni, as they, too enjoy music and reading, have dogs and sometimes lose things like keys. One student did warn Dr. Yanni that soda, particularly Diet Pepsi, wasn't a healthy beverage choice.

Dr. Yanni also answered students' questions about what his days are like, how it feels to be a boss and whether he can make new rules about which balls are allowed on the playground during recess.

For photos from Dr. Yanni's Gladwyne classroom visits, click through the slide show below. 


Dr. Yanni shows items in his %22Me Museum%22
Dr. Yanni and student look to the side
Dr. Yanni shows students a book
Students raise their hands to answer Dr. Yanni
Students take notes about what Dr. Yanni likes and loves
Dr. Yanni shows his %22Me Museum%22 to students
Students listen to Dr. Yanni speaking
Dr. Yanni gestures to students answering questions
Dr. Yanni points to a book and holds his Air Pods
Dr. Yanni points to a photo of his dogs on a screen
Dr. Yanni shows students a favorite book
Dr. Yanni shows students his Air Tag that he uses to keep track of his keys
Students raise their hands to answer a question
Dr. Yanni listens as a student speaks
Dr. Yanni listens to a student in front of him speaking
Students gather on a rug to listen to Dr. Yanni
Dr. Yanni greets a student who then introduces him to the class
View of the class with hands raised, from behind Dr. Yanni
Third graders raise their hands to answer a question
Dr. Yanni in a chair as third graders surround him on the rug
Third graders raise hands to show they like to read, just like Dr. Yanni
Third graders sit on the floor and listen to Dr. Yanni
Dr. Yanni holds up his can of Diet Pepsi as a student raises her hand
Students sitting on the floor listen to Dr. Yanni
Several students listen to Dr. Yanni
A teacher and several students listen as Dr. Yanni speaks
Dr. Yanni, in a chair, points to a photo of his dogs on his phone
Dr. Yanni shows students a photo of his dogs
Dr. Yanni poses with a third-grade class