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Lower Merion School District


Owed/Lost Books and Sports Equipment/Uniforms

  1. If a student loses a book, laptop, sports equipment or uniform, the student must pay for the lost item before he/she can be given another one.
  2. Failure to meet obligations such as payment for lost books, laptop and/or equipment or uniforms results in removal from eligibility to participate in interscholastic sports and extra-curricular activities, denial of transcript privileges to institutions, and diploma.
  3. Students who owe outstanding books, laptop, and/or equipment or uniforms and have not paid for the books by the end of the previous school year (no later than the last day of final exams), will be ineligible for campus privilege and parking privileges for the first quarter of the school year!
  4. If the books, laptop, equipment, uniforms are still not returned, students will remain ineligible for campus privilege or parking privileges for the remainder of the school year.
  5. Juniors and seniors who owe lost books, laptop, equipment or uniforms will be unable to purpose tickets to the prom until the obligation is paid.
  6. Seniors who owe books or laptop (or money for books or laptop) will NOT receive a cap and gown and will be unable to participate in graduation.