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Lower Merion School District


Transportation of Musical Instruments

The state transportation code states that band instruments, school projects, or similar items are not permitted on a school bus unless they can be held on the student’s lap without endangering the safety of other students. The two front seats on both sides of every bus will be designated as seats reserved for students with moderately large instruments (trombones, horns, saxophones, violas, etc.). This will assure that a student with an instrument boarding the bus at any point of the route will have a place to sit comfortably while supporting the instrument in his or her lap and need not carry the instrument through the aisle looking for a seat. These seats will always be the last seats filled on any bus by students without instruments. The following instruments are considered too large to be transported on buses to and from school: baritone sax, marimba, baritone horn, mellophonium, bass trombone, Sousaphone, cello, string bass, drums, tuba, electric bass, vibraharp, electric piano, and xylophone.