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Lower Merion School District



Student lockers are for the convenience of the students. This privilege can and will be remove if the student abuses the privilege by abusing the locker or using it to hide alcohol, drugs, weapons, stolen items, or any other material that does not belong in school. The lockers can and will be inspected by the Administration at any time, for any reason, without prior notification. Students should not have the expectation of privacy in locker use. Students must understand that lockers are school property. Combinations should be kept private.

NOTE: Any student discovering an object(s) that may not be appropriate for school on his/her person or in his/her locker should report the matter to the appropriate Administrator immediately.

Corridor lockers are assigned by homeroom teachers.

Students are advised to lock up their bookbags and belongings in the gym lockers during PE and for sports. Students may purchase a lock and bring it with them to school daily to lock up their items in the gym lockers.

Students may not trade lockers under any circumstances. The school assumes no responsibility for anything taken from lockers or left in locker rooms or public areas of the school/ school grounds.