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Lower Merion School District


Health Examinations

In compliance with the Pennsylvania Health Law, the Board of School Directors requires that all eleventh grade students must receive a comprehensive health examination. This grade has been selected because it represents a critical period of growth and development in a child’s life.

Moreover, important immunization** boosters are frequently needed at this time. A report of the student’s physical status will enable the school to meet individual needs as appropriate in the school environment.

**There are significant changes to PA immunization law that will affect our students at the start of 2017-2018 school year.

Changes to immunization law for 2017 include:

  • Students are required to be immunized for meningitis before the start of 12th grade
  • Reduction of provisional period from 8 months to 5 days: In the past, students could begin school in September if they had at least one dose of each required immunization in a series and were given an 8 month provisional period to complete the series. The provisional period has been reduced to 5 days. If additional doses are required and are medically appropriate within the first five days of school, the child must have the next dose AND a medical certificate setting out the schedule for the remainder of doses. Students who do not have the next dose of a required series AND the medical certificate outlining the schedule for the remainder of the series on opening of school must be excluded on September 12, 2018 until the requirements are met.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to have these physical examinations completed by their family physician. However, parents or guardians because of financial considerations may request the school physician to provide the examination.

These examinations are due by the last day of the September of the student’s junior year. Students who do not have completed physical examination forms on file in the school health office prior to the start of their senior year will not be permitted to attend classes on the first day of the senior year until the nurse receives the forms.