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Lower Merion School District


Extra-Curricular School Activities

The following section contains information about a variety of activities which are offered. A brief description of each activity is listed. Every student is encouraged to become involved in one or more of these activities.

Extra-curricular activities are given serious consideration when students apply for jobs and for college admission. Students who find an activity of interest should contact the sponsor to learn the details of how they can become involved. Announcements of meetings are made in homeroom.

Students who are suspended may not participate in any school related activities on the dates of suspension; and they must attend a regular daily session of school following the suspension before participating in such activities.

Students MUST attend school the day of an activity or the day before if the event is on a Saturday.

If you want to join an extra-curricular activity in which students participate for at least an average of fifteen hours per week for a minimum of nine weeks, such as a play, you will be subject to the same eligibility requirements that apply to interscholastic sports. Be sure you know these requirements: they are listed in this booklet.