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Lower Merion School District


School Dances and Events

The student body at Lower Merion High School and Harriton High School has been very fortunate with the success of their dances. The following regulations are in effect.

  1. No visitors from other schools will be permitted to attend the dance unless he or she is a guest of a student from Harriton High School/Lower Merion High School. Guests must be registered with the appropriate Administrator prior to 9:00 AM the day BEFORE the dance.
  2. Students are not permitted to return once they have left the dance.
  3. Normal school regulations are in effect at all dances.
  4. No students will be admitted after specific time identified by that dance’s sponsor.

When attending other school sponsored functions, please remember that all normal school regulations are in effect. Please conduct yourself in a manner that is a credit to you, the school, and the community.