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Lower Merion School District


Student Discipline

You may be suspended if you disrupt the educational and social life of any part of the school and/or repeatedly disobey school regulations. Students can expect to be suspended for the following specific unacceptable behaviors including but not limited to:

  • Cutting school
  • Repeated cutting of classes
  • Repeated leaving of campus
  • Chronic unexcused lateness to school
  • Use of cellphone in non-approved areas; failure to turn phone over to a staff member
  • Bullying
  • Smoking , including the use of e-cigarettes and vapes
  • Fighting
  • Possession of drugs or alcohol - including paraphernalia (confiscated items are turned over to the police.)
  • Insubordination (unwillingness to submit to reasonable authority or defying authority)
  • Forging a note or pass
  • Using obscene language
  • Failing to identify yourself to a staff member
  • Throwing snowballs on campus or at bus stops
  • Causing disruption and/or physical hazard with firecrackers, smoke bombs, water balloons, and the like. Pulling fire alarms when no emergency exists. (Students caught pulling false alarms can also expect to be prosecuted.)

**Seniors about to graduate in June are subject to suspension like everyone, and therefore risk removal from commencement exercise, if the day of suspension includes the day of commencement.

** During suspension you may not attend school functions, participate in school sponsored activities, or be permitted on school premises. If this rule is violated, further discipline will result.

**A suspension is recorded on your disciplinary record, which is maintained by the appropriate administrator and is reported to the Superintendent of Schools and the Pupil Services Office; in the event of very serious offenses - weapons offenses, assault, extensive vandalism -the suspension may be entered into your cumulative record, which is maintained in the Student Services Office.