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District Handbook

2019-2020 HHS and LMHS Handbook

Committed to excellence and continuous improvement, the Lower Merion School District strives to ensure that all students achieve their highest level of critical thinking and creativity, that they value themselves and the diversity of others, and that they are knowledgeable, contributing citizens capable of excelling in a rapidly changing world.

This is accomplished by individuals engaging in innovative, active experiences tailored to myriad ways of learning and in partnership with our community.

The Student/Parent Guide has been prepared to help students and parents become better acquainted with the High Schools – its programs, policies and regulations. Please take time to become familiar with the contents member of the School community.

The establishment of a true collaborative culture requires the participation of students in the school’s decision-making process. Students’ opinions and concerns must be considered when planning and implementing high-quality educational programs. With student participation, however, comes student accountability. Our goal as a high school community is to continue our exceptional academic program while establishing a collaborative culture that consistently operates within the philosophy of “students first”. Faculty, staff, administrators and parents will work side-by-side with students to determine the educational program that best serves the needs of each LMSD student. Students will accept the responsibilities associated with partnership, and elevate their performance behaviorally and academically. A collaborative culture can only be established when all members of the community commit to performing at their personal best, while striving to achieve the common goal outstanding education for all students.

This guide is intended to help students recognize the expectations that must be met in order for our school to operate as a trusting community. LMSD is a District that prides itself in maintaining a culture of civility, tolerance, and respect. All persons are treated with dignity and are expected to behave according to the expectation set forth. Please review the guide and keep it as a reference for procedures and guidelines on the many topics listed in the table of content.

The high school administration is committed to the safe and orderly operation of our school. We are also committed to providing each student an outstanding educational experience. Working together we can achieve both goals while recognizing our many accomplishments.

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Harriton Administration Team

  • Scott Weinstein, Principal
  • Michael Johnson, Assistant Principal
  • Patrick Hogan, Assistant Principal
  • Lauren S. Marcuson, Assistant Principal
  • Tom Ferguson, Athletic/Activities Director

Lower Merion Administration Team

  • Sean Hughes, Principal
  • G. Scott Kilpatrick, Assistant Principal
  • Karen deFranco, Assistant Principal
  • Jon Fadely, Assistant Principal
  • Tyrone Ross, Assistant Principal
  • Jason Stroup, Athletic/Activities Director