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Before using Remind, please read this entire webpage.

In an effort to improve communications with students during activities such as field trips, academic competitions, and athletic events, Lower Merion School District has adopted the use of a mobile application titled Remind. Remind permits communication with students via phone while maintaining the privacy of information, such as students' and coaches' phone numbers.

Remind will be used primarily by coaches, club moderators, and field trip chaperones for activities that do not permit the use of standard communication services, like email. Remind is not a replacement for email, but an additional service that can be used for communicating with students when using email is not practical, for example, a weather related sports event cancellation.

Plan to use Remind? Do these three things:

  1. Before using Remind with students, email your principal or athletic director to let them know you plan to use Remind with students and the function you plan to use it for, such as a field trip or athletic event.
  2. Notify parents and guardians of your intent to use Remind with students. Click here for a sample letter to notify parents and guardians.
  3. When you setup your Remind account, be sure to associate your classes with the appropriate school building, e.g. Harriton, Lower Merion, Bala Cynwyd, Welsh Valley, etc.

For more information about Remind, browse The Remind privacy policy is located at


Q: What is Remind?

A: Click here for an introduction to Remind and click here for an overview of how it can be used.

Q: Do I have to tell anyone in the District I plan to use Remind with students?

A: Yes. Email your athletic director or principal if you plan to use Remind with students.

Q: Can I use Remind as a replacement for email?

A: No. Remind is not a replacement for email. It should be used for activities that do not permit the use of email.

Q: Where can I find the policy and administrative regulation regarding the use of phones to communicate with students?

A: Links to the appropriate policy and administrative regulation can be found on the right of this webpage.