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Parent Portal FAQ

  • When will PowerSchool Parent Portal Access ID’s and Passwords be available for new 24-25 families?
    • Access ID’s and Passwords for new 24-25 families will be available in late-August.
  • How do I set up my PowerSchool Parent Portal Account?
    • To create a PowerSchool Parent Account, please read the "Account Creation Instructions" PDF located on the "Sign In" tab on
  • What is an Access ID and Access Password? How do I retrieve these to set up my PowerSchool Account?
    • Each student is assigned a parent Access ID and Access Password, that begins with the letter "P" and  is only used for account setup in the Parent Portal. We created a "Retrieve Access ID/PW" tool which sends this information to the email account used during the initial student registration process. The Access ID/PW recovery tool is located on the "Retrieve Access ID/PW" tab on
  • Do I use my Access ID and Access Passwork to log into the Parent Portal ?
    • No, these codes are only used in setting up the Parent Portal account. Once your Parent Portal account is set up, you use the username and password you created during the account creation process. The Access ID/PW are no longer needed.
  • How do I add additional students to my PowerSchool Parent Portal Account?
    • Request the students(s) Access ID's from the "Retrieve Access ID/PW" recovery tool.  Use the Account Preferences" tab to add additional students to the account once logged into PowerSchool parent portal. The "Add Additional Students Guide" PDF on the "Sign In" tab has more information on adding additional students to an account. 
  • What do I do if I receive a message that an account with my email already exists?
    • If you receive a message stating "An account with that email address already exists"  this most likely means a Parent Portal account using this email address already exists in PowerSchool.  Select the "Forgot Username or Password?" link at the  bottom of the Sign In page, and you will receive a link to reset your password.  If you are still having issues, you may contact your students' school or send an email to:
  • I forgot my Parent Portal username, what do I do ?
    • To recover your parent portal password go to and click the "Forgot Username or Password". The link is located at the bottom of the page. To recover your parent portal username, click the tab "Forgot Username?" and enter the parent email address used to create the Parent Portal account. 
  • I forgot my parent portal password, What can I do ?
    • To recover your Parent Portal password go to and click the tab "Forgot Password" located at the bottom of page and enter the username and email address used to create the parent portal account.
  • I forgot the username or email that I used to create my parent portal account. What do I do?
    • Please contact your student's school; they can look up this information and give it to you. 
  • I am still having trouble logging into the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Who should I contact? 
  • I am a new LMSD parent/guardian. How do I create a Parent Portal account?
    • During the Summer (New Families) -If this is your student(s)' first academic year, you will not be able to create a PowerSchool Account for for the student(s) until mid-late August.  You will receive a school messenger email letting you know you can now request the Access ID and Access PW needed to create the account. 
  • I need to update my address, email, emergency contact number(s) or phone number with the District.  How do I do that?
    • Log into the Parent Portal and click the 'Year Round Update' button on the left side of the menu.