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Registration FAQ

Q: I live in LMSD and need to register my child for school. Where do I begin?

A: If you are residing in Lower Merion School District, you will complete the registration application for your child found on our website You will be able to upload the required registration documents with your application. Central Registration staff will review your documents and confirm your child's registration or contact you for any additional information that may be needed to satisfy our registration requirements. There are no in-person appointments scheduled for registration.

Q: I already have older children attending LMSD. Do I still need to provide the registration information and proofs of residency?

A: Yes. For every new student registered to attend LMSD, a parent/guardian must complete the registration application and provide all required proofs and documents.

Q: My child was an LMSD student in the past and then we moved away/transferred to another school. If we want to re-enroll in LMSD, do we need to submit the registration documents again??

A: Yes. The registration application must be completed again and all required registration documents must be provided, including current proofs of residency.

Q: What are the immunization requirements for Lower Merion School District?

A: Please refer to the “Immunization” tab on our website: A Tuberculosis test result may also be required.

Q: Can I submit my child’s physical exam and immunizations on the form my doctor’s office provides?

A: Yes. Please make sure your child’s name, physical exam details, complete immunization history, and their doctor’s signature is on the form. Physical and dental exams should be completed within the last  calendar year.

Q: What is the required age for entrance to Kindergarten?

A: The student must be 5 years old on or before September 15, 2021 to be admitted into Kindergarten. There are no exceptions. For 1st grade, the student must be 6 years old on or before September 15, 2021.

Q: Does LMSD have full day Kindergarten?

A: No. Kindergarten is a half day program in LMSD. Your child will be assigned the AM or PM session by the building staff and Principal.

Q: When will I know the school bus details for my child?

A:   For registered students eligible to receive school bus service who will begin in September (those who do not live within a walk zone), bus details will be available via Powerschool. Simply login to your Powerschool account. For more information, go to

Q: I'm moving into LMSD during the summer. Can we still register our child to begin in September?

A: Yes. Once you establish residency in LMSD, please complete the online registration application. The registration office registers new students all year. Please do not begin the registration process until you have established residency in Lower Merion School District. Please contact our office with any specific questions.

Q: What is the deadline to register? Will you have a spot for my child if we register in the middle of the school year?

A: Lower Merion School District is a public school with no registration deadline and will enroll all students who reside in the LMSD boundary and meet the registration requirements. Please see “Partner School Info” on the registration page for additional information on school assignment for elementary students. We strongly encourage you to complete registration as soon as possible after you establish residency and have all the required documents.

Q: I don’t have a computer or internet access. How can I complete registration?

A: Please call the Central Registration office at 610-658-3996 for assistance.

Q: I have a question about registration that I did not see on the FAQ list. Who do I ask?

A: Please contact the Central Registration office at or 610-658-3996 for assistance.