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Debit System Q & A

Q: What is Point of Sale?

A: Point of Sale is a pre-payment system that will allow the cafeteria to meet certain federal guidelines regarding menu planning. It is also used to eliminate the need for cash on a daily basis thereby speeding up meal service.

Q: How does it work?

A: An account is set up for your child so that he/she can purchase lunch and other items in the cafeteria without having to bring cash everyday. The parents sends in money be placed into the student's account. As the student purchases lunch or other items,the system will automatically deduct the amount from the account.

Q: Can parents control the amount spent in the cafeteria?

A: Parents can predetermine the initial pre-payment whether a child uses the account money for LUNCH ONLY or LUNCH AND ALA CARTE purchases. An account balance and record of money submitted and spent can easily be retrieved by the computer system.

Q: How will my child use the system?

A: When the student enters the cafeteria, they choose the foods they want to buy, just like now. The difference is that the cash register is replaced by a computer. Each student is assigned a PIN (Personal Identification Number) that he/she will enter on a keypad at the end of the serving line. This will bring their account up on the cashier screen. The cashier will then key in the food selections. The computer will calculate the balance and the student just continues on to the cafeteria to enjoy their lunch. No more lunch tickets or standing and searching for loose change in the lunch line!

Q: What if my child forgets the pin?

A: The cashier has the ability to retrieve your child's PIN right on the line if they forget it. We will have the keypads available for students to practice while in line prior to the opening day.

Q: Is my child the only one able to use the account?

A: The system records what is purchased and will prompt the cashier if a PIN has been used more than one time per day.

Q: What happens if the account has insufficient funds for lunch?

A: Our policy is that NO child will go hungry. The computer will print out notices of low and/or negative balances. Students always have the option to pay cash at the end of the serving line.

Q: What if my child has special circumstances?

A: Any special circumstances such as food allergy can be noted on the initial pre-payment envelope. The cashier then will be discretely alerted as the account comes up on the computer screen.