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Nutritional Services

LMSD Nutritional Services provides more than 3,250 meals per day in the District’s 11 public schools. This includes a full service breakfast and lunch program. The department also offers extensive catering services for meetings, banquets and special events.

Each school has a fully equipped kitchen and all food is prepared on site. Students carrying their own lunches may purchase assorted milk products and 100% juices as well as à la carte products. The District participates in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program, which provides free and reduced-price lunches based upon need.  Information regarding breakfast and lunch programs is distributed on the first day of school. Menus for elemen­tary, middle and high schools are published regularly on the District website.

LMSD Nutritional Services has taken a leadership role in the effort to promote healthy choices in the school cafeteria. The District was among the first in Pennsylva­nia to eliminate the use of cooking oils that contain trans-fats and became the first District in the state to eliminate all items with trans-fats from the menu. The District’s Nutrition Committee – composed of parents, dietitians, and faculty – has worked together to provide wellness and nutrition activities that promote healthful eating through nutrition education and a school environment that is supportive of healthful eating. The District employs a full-time dietitian.

Want to join the LMSD Nutritional Services team?

Contact Nutritional Services

Mo Hussein
Director of Nutritional Services
Phone: 610-645-1934

Kendall Stokes
Assistant Director of
Nutritional Services
Phone: 610-645-1991


For questions Regarding Account Payments or Free & Reduced Applications Contact

Karen Pinardo
Nutritional Services Administrative Secretary
Phone: 610-645-1990


Did you know BREAKFAST IS FREE IN LMSD? Learn more here!

Infographic explaining free breakfast program