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Lower Merion School District


Self-Administration of Emergency Medication

There are very specific regulations regarding self-administration of emergency medications in Pennsylvania schools. The Pennsylvania Departments of Health and Education allow specific medications (see below) to be self-administered under certain conditions. LMSD Policy 210 reflects the PA DOH and PDE regulations:

Students may carry and self-administer the following specific emergency medications:

  • Epipen® or other epinephrine auto injector
  • rescue type asthma inhalers (ex. Albuterol, Proventil, Ventolin)
  • medication for diabetes (insulin, glucose tablets, monogel, glucagon etc.)

LMSD Form 28c (Medication Administration Request and Consent Form) and LMSD Form LM 28d (Permission to Carry and Permission to Carry and Self-Administer Emergency Medication) must be completed by the parent/guardian and Licensed Prescriber. The forms must specify the need for the student to carry and self-administer the medication. PA regulations now require that parent, Licensed Prescriber and School Nurse all agree that the student is competent to carry and self-administer the emergency medication. Students who self-administer emergency medications must notify the School Nurse following each use. Please contact the School Nurse for more information

Students at any grade level may not carry or self-administer any other medications (prescribed or over the counter) with the exception of Epipen, rescue type asthma inhalers and medication for diabetes listed above and the following exception for high school students:

High School students may carry and self-administer no more than two doses of the following medications in their original containers:

  1. Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
  2. Ibuprofen (Advil)

Permitted over-the-counter medications may not be self-administered in the presence of Responsible Personnel or school staff. The District assumes no responsibility for Over the Counter (OTC) medications that are self-administered.