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Lower Merion School District


Resources for Transgender & Gender Diverse Students

  • Policy 259 and its related Administrative Regulation: The District is committed to ensuring that gender expansive and transgender students are provided equal opportunity and access to programs, services, and activities. This policy and administrative regulation (259) confirms this position and provides guidelines to staff, students, parents/guardians, and others to ensure equity and non-discrimination.
    • Name Change Form: Pursuant to Policy/AR 259, this form may be used by students and/or parents/guardians to request a student's first name be changed in LMSD's unofficial student records.
  • Quick Reference Sheet: This document provides a helpful summary of key provisions of Policy/AR 259; however, it should not be considered in isolation and must be referred to/relied upon only in connection with the full text of Policy/AR 259.
  • Other Resources: The following resources are intended to be optional sources of information about gender expansive and transgender students to expand one's knowledge and understanding of the issues and concerns these students face as a result of their identity. These documents should not be considered guidance for the implementation of District policy/AR in lieu of the above customized material.