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Lower Merion School District


2018-19 Budget Information

For security purposes, some documents have been redacted.

PDE-2028 is the form the District is required to submit to the PA Department of Education with the annual budget detail information. (Changes several times a year.)

Annual Financial Reports are listed to the left and shows detailed actual financial and expenditure information for the fiscal year.

Audited Financial Statements also can be found to the left, are the annual financial reports conducted by an independent auditor who examines the financial record and business transactions of the District.

The Budget Book is posted to the website annually to provide additional details regarding school finance, the budget process and other information that impacts the District.

Questions about the Budget?

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2018-19 Budget Meetings

March 14
Finance Committee Meeting
Operations Budget Review @ 8:30 AM

April 4
Finance Committee Meeting
Student Services Budget Review @ 8:30 AM

April 25
Finance Committee Meeting
Staffing/IT Budget Review @ 8:30 AM

May 16
Finance Committee Meeting
Curriculum & Instruction Budget Review @ 7:00 PM

All meetings will be videotaped.