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Lower Merion School District


PSBA statement on Lower Merion School District tax levy injunction

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association offered a statement in support of Lower Merion School District in response to the recent Court order over-ruling the decision-making authority of the school board in enacting budget increases that support LMSD's high-quality educational programs. An excerpt from the statement reads:

"The decision by the court, if upheld, will add to this fiscal uncertainty and further jeopardize educational quality. Under Act 1, it is the Department of Education that has the exclusive responsibility to review and approve requests for exceptions to Act 1's base limit on school tax increases. The Act 1 exceptions reflect the General Assembly's recognition that there are some kinds of school district costs that can increase much more rapidly than others, especially in the area of special education and employee pension contributions.

A court of common pleas has no power to issue orders that effectively overturn the Department's decisions and usurp its authority. The court's decision incorrectly assumes that the Department does not have critical information it needs to make such decisions, when in fact all relevant information is regularly submitted and available to the Department."

To read the statement in full, click here