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Video Presentation: The Well-Balanced Student

Video Presentation: The Well-Balanced Student
Video Presentation: The Well-Balanced Student

If you missed the February 4, 2020, Challenge Success presentation on Raising Well-Balanced Children, you can watch a video version until March 6, 2020,

On Tuesday, February 4, 2020, Jon Kleiman, Senior School Program Director from Challenge Success, share a Parent Education presentation on raising well-balanced students.

He discussed the challenges of raising well-balanced children within a high-pressure society where the emphasis on grades and performance leaves little time for kids to develop the necessary skills to become resilient, ethical and motivated learners. He also shared tips on ways to develop a healthy home environment for your child, reduce academic stress, and increase your child's resilience, creativity, and well-being.

Under an agreement with Challenge Success, LMSD is able to offer our families free limited-time access to a pre-recorded version of this presentation, so that parents/guardians who were unable to attend on February 4, 2020, can benefit. Access to this video will be available through March 31, 2020.

You can watch the video for free by using this link. Please click on "rent" and then use the promo code "merion" for the free access. Please note that users will need to create a free Vimeo account prior to viewing. After March 6th, the video will be available for viewing at the usual rate of $19.

Additional Parenting Tips from Challenge Success are available here.