eBoard Name Subject Email
Cynwyd School's eBoard Salladino   Email
Elementary Math Acconciamessa Math Email
Elementary Science Acconciamessa Science Email
Mr. Armideo's EBoard Armideo Grade 3 Email
Mrs. Ash's eBoard Ash Grade 3 Email
Mrs. Avellino Avellino Grade 3 Email
Mr. Ryan's 4th Grade Class Ryan Grade 4 Email
Madame Arnold Arnold Foreign Lang./FLES Email
Mrs. Bershad Bershad Special Ed. Email
Miss Beaver's Art Beaver Art Email
Mrs. Brenner Brenner Grade 3 Email
Mrs. Carrington's Class Carrington Grade 4 Email
Mrs. Di Felice Di Felice Special Ed. Email
Mrs. Parent Parent Grade 3 Email
Ms. Felice's Kindergarten Class Felice Kindergarten Email
Dr. Fulmer Fulmer Grade 5 Email
Intermediate Reading Gilboy Reading Email
Elementary Technology Goldberg Tech Ed Email
Miss Henry Henry Grade 1 Email
Mrs. Horvath Horvath Grade 4 Email
Mrs. Hozack Hozack Grade 1 Email
Ms. Humenick Humenick Grade 2 Email
Mrs. Kalan's Third Grade Class Kalan Grade 3 Email
Mr. Keeler's eBoard Keeler Grade 5 Email
Ms. Kimmel Kimmel Art Email
Mr. Landi Instrumental Music (Band) Landi 4th and 5th Grade Band Email
Miss Litwa Challenge Litwa Gifted Email
Mr. Luttrell PE luttrell Phys. Ed./Health Email
Ms. Famiglio Famiglio Grade 2 Email
CY-Black History Famiglio Other Email
Elementary Strings McCarrick Music Email
Mr. McDermott's 4th Grade McDermott Grade 4 Email
Ms. McGuire's Gifted Support McGuire Gifted Support Email
Mrs. McMaster: K-2 Reading McMaster Reading/ESL Email
School Nurse Molloy Other Email
English as a Second Language Mughal   Email
Ms. Mughal's ESL Mughal Reading/ESL Email
Mrs. Murphy Murphy Grade 2 Email
Mrs. Murphy Murphy Kindergarten Email
Jan Ostroff Ostroff Special Ed. Email
Ms. Persofsky's 5th Grade Persofsky Grade 5 Email
SHAC (School Health Advisory Council) Quinlan Administration Email
Counselor Ruzzi Guidance Email
Mrs. Sal.'s Math eBoard Salladino Math Email
Mrs. Samulewicz-Dorley Samulewicz-Dorley Grade 2 Email
Mrs. Shearer Shearer Grade 2 Email
Mrs. Shrut Shrut Speech/Lang. Email
Mrs. Siet's Class Siet Grade 1 Email
Ms. Spiegelman Spiegelman Kindergarten Email
Mrs. Sterner-Porreca Sterner-Porreca Music Email
Cynwyd Green Council Tavani Clubs/Organizations Email
Mr. Tavani's 5th Grade Tavani Grade 5 Email
Ms. Tecco Tecco Grade 1 Email
Mrs. Thibault's Library e-board Thibault Librarians Email
Cynwyd Book Club Tyler Clubs/Organizations Email
Mrs. VanHollander VanHollander Grade 3 Email
Ms. Watkins' 4th Grade Class Watkins Grade 4 Email
Mrs. Weinstein Speech and Language Weinstein Speech/Lang. Email
Mrs. Wells' 4th Grade Class Wells Grade 4 Email
Ms. Wiley's Diagnostic Kdg. Wiley Kindergarten Email
Mr. Yocom's Phys. Ed. E-Board Yocom Phys. Ed./Health Email