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Update regarding the "Momo Challenge"
Update regarding the "Momo Challenge"

Recent reputable sources confirm that the Momo Challenge is indeed a widely circulated hoax. Some students, particularly at the elementary level began reporting that they had seen the Momo image and believed that it has something to do with self-harm or suicide. On February 28, we communicated information about the Momo Challenge to parents/guardians as a result of parents/guardians contacting the District to express concerns about the hoax.

While the Momo Challenge may be a hoax, the fear of the character may be real to some young children. Our teachers and counselors have been working to reassure students that they are safe and that the Momo character does not exist, or pose a threat to them or their classmates. There will likely be other viral hoaxes to affect our community especially in a time when exposure to internet and social media by children is largely unavoidable. Our elementary technology specialist Jen Goldberg, routinely posts resources about internet use and internet safety for parents/guardians. To view those resources, click here.

Please feel free to contact the School Counselor or Principal if you or your child have concerns. Listed below are some recent articles about this viral hoax: