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LMSD Statement on Violence at the U.S. Capitol
LMSD Statement on Violence at the U.S. Capitol

The Lower Merion Board of School Directors and the Lower Merion School District Administration strongly condemn every individual who instigated, participated in or was complicit in yesterday's violent siege of the U.S. Capitol.

In our schools, we teach respect for the Constitution of the United States, and the importance of values including civility, responsibility and sportsmanship. To see adults who are upset over losing a fair election resort to violence and the desecration of an important American institution is the antithesis to the lessons of good citizenship that we, as educators, work to instill in our students.

Further, the obvious double standard shown by law enforcement yesterday in comparison to the heavy police presence during this summer's George Floyd protests lays bare evidence of this nation's institutional racism, which must be corrected.

In recent months, our students have marched against racial injustice, in support of equitable education funding and even to allow sports participation during the pandemic. They have done so peacefully, respectfully and effectively.

It is our hope that all of America looks to their example, rather than that set by yesterday's violent mob in Washington, D.C.

LMSD Staff members have been provided resources to help them answer questions and lead discussions about yesterday's events in their classrooms today. Below are some resources that parents and guardians may find helpful for conversations at home.

LMSD Resources for Talking with Children about Crises

Education Elements for School Communities in Times of Crisis

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Lower Merion School District

Lucy Klain
Lower Merion Board of School Directors