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Cynwyd Launches 'Read & Ride' Program to Rave Reviews
Cynwyd Launches 'Read & Ride' Program to Rave Reviews

The Cynwyd Elementary School library recently launched a new Read & Ride program where students have the opportunity to check out a book and then hop on a state-of-the-art stationary bike to get some aerobic exercise while they read!

The program was made possible through a generous donation from Cynwyd parent Dr. Michael Katsnelson, whose contribution went towards the purchase of the two Integrity Series Recumbent Life Fitness Stationary Bikes as well as new library lounge furniture, Cubelets Robotics Blocks and EverBlock Modular Building Blocks, which are now very popular items in the Owls' library Maker Space.

The bikes can track both speed and distance while monitoring a rider's heart rate. They also come equipped with special areas to hold students' books! Since its launch, the program has received rave reviews from riders.

  • "I think the Read & Ride program is a unique way to get exercise and learn. I enjoy both reading and riding my bike so putting them together is awesome!" – Sara (5th Grade)
  • "Instead of just exercising our minds, we can exercise our bodies too!" -Eli (3rd Grade)
  • "I liked pedaling and giving my legs a work-out and reading." -Gabriel (3rd Grade)
  • "When you're reading and exercising, it will help you grow." -Abby (3rd Grade)
  • "It's more fun than just reading sitting still!" -Jocelyn (3rd Grade)