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Award-Winning Children's Author Patricia Polacco visits Cynwyd
Award-Winning Children's Author Patricia Polacco visits Cynwyd

Award-winning and best-selling children's author Patricia Polacco, who has written and illustrated more than 115 books throughout her storied career, recently visited Cynwyd Elementary School to speak with students about her life's work, path to becoming a writer, the creative process and much more. Throughout her talks with the Owls, Polacco shared family stories, the actual "keeping quilt" that inspired one of her most famous stories, and a piece of the meteorite that landed on her family farm before answering questions from the audience and signing books for all in attendance.

Polacco grew up with storytellers, but she did not begin writing and illustrating children's books until she was 41 years old. As a child, she spent most of her time with her grandparents who shared stories about the different countries they came from; Ukraine, Russia and Ireland. Her relationship with her grandparents influenced her greatly. In fact, in almost every one of her stories, a young person interacts with an elderly person.

Polacco grew up on a farm in Union City, Michigan, where she currently lives. When she was five, she moved to Florida with her mother and brother before moving to Oakland, California. What she loved most about her neighborhood in Oakland was the fact that her neighbors came from many diverse backgrounds, cultures and religions. Many of these neighbors appear as characters in her beautiful books.

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