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Cynwyd Elementary School



Students stand outside Cynwyd Elementary School, circa 1930.

In February 1914, the Lower Merion School Board approved a lease of land from the Lower Merion Academy and built Cynwyd Elementary School. Although the building was still under construction, 189 students entered school on January 4, 1915.

The school was designed by the architectural firm of Savery, Scheetz and Savery. It was built with central heat, indoor plumbing and large windows which helped to make each classroom bright and airy. The original building had eight classrooms, the ones now facing Levering Mill Road. Each classroom represented one grade, with the exception of grades seven and eight, which were combined.

In 1920, the cafeteria and auditorium/gymnasium were added along with more classrooms, which more than doubled the size of the school. In 1938, the building was remodeled creating more classroom space, modernizing the cafeteria and updating the heating, clock, bell and telephone systems. In 1967, a classroom/library wing was added to Cynwyd.

Beginning in 1998 the library wing was demolished and was rebuilt. The original structure also went through renovations. Cynwyd reopened in September 7, 1999. The entire original building was renovated to include the office, library, cafeteria, computer lab, kindergarten, fourth and fifth grade classrooms, learning support, challenge, guidance, and day care. The new section houses first, second, third, and fourth grade classrooms, music, art, gym, reading, and speech. The new structure includes a spacious atrium which provides a view of the Academy Building, Lower Merion's first education center. The building also includes a parking garage. Cynwyd's state-of-the-art reconstruction includes a multi-purpose gymnasium, specialized learning support classrooms, library/media center, computer labs, and much more.

Cynwyd recently held a "Centennial Celebration" in honor of the school's 100th anniversary. The school and community celebrated throughout the year with a series of events, including an alumni reception, time capsule ceremony, Centennial Parade and much more. Learn more about  Cynwyd's 100th Anniversary.